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The Art of Protest is a new blog and website launched at the end of January 2014. The aim is to bring together an inspiring, searchable archive of current and historical protests through a variety of art forms. I will be growing the archive myself but would really appreciate links and suggestions from friends and anyone interested in helping me build this archive.

In a time of ever-increasing inequality of wealth and opportunity and continual tightening of civil liberties, the need to protest is now more necessary than ever. We can all make a difference. You don’t have to be Edward Snowden to make your mark in the world. Over half a million people took a minute out of their day to sign a 38 Degrees petition when the coalition government tried to sell-off our national forests to private firms. People raised money to put adverts opposing the sell-off in national newspapers. In our tens of thousands we wrote to our MPs telling them to stop the sale. The Government had to listen to us and we won! Here is a list of all 38 Degrees achievements and all most of us did was sign an online petition to help make these things happen.

We did not vote in this coalition government and yet in a few short years they have sold off our Royal Mail and are privatising our National Health Service. They are cutting welfare support for the very poorest in our society and forcing many unable to work through disability into poverty. I’m ashamed to live in a society where those who are forced to claim benefits or visit food banks in order to feed themselves and their families are demonised by the government and the media. We must not let their lies and distortions corrupt our view of society and each other. We must not turn against each other at a time when we should be coming together in support and solidarity.

I am angry. Let the Art of Protest thrive through 2014. Let us be inspired by the struggles of others. Let’s fight back!