I was recently asked to design a WordPress site for a new Cambridge venture called the Cambridge Edible Garden.

Here’s a summary of the project (content taken from the pages of the website, coordinated by Cat Darsley @cambscat).

The Cambridge Edible Garden has transformed an unused strip of land at Murray Edwards College Garden into a green space for education, entertainment, and edibles! The Garden is run by and for volunteers, in coordination with Murray Edwards College, the University of Cambridge’s Environment and Energy Section, and with Cambridge Hub.

The Community Garden is in part of the car park next to the College herb garden, which is already used by staff, students and neighbours alike. Being in full sun and on a south-facing slope, it is an ideal spot to grow fruit and vegetables. It is about the size of a traditional allotment. The main aims of the project are to bring students, University staff, and the local community together to grow food and share skills. There will be opportunities to hold events like music, film and of course eating the food grown. It is hoped that the project will raise awareness of sustainable lifestyles, green stewardship and provide practical experience for students and others wanting to go into non-traditional careers. It is also meant to be fun and relaxing!

The Edible Garden is always looking for volunteers from the local community, University staff, and students to take part with further development and implementation. If you’re interested in taking part, please contact the team!

visit the website now and get involved!