The Nasty woman meme was a global phenomenon and catch phrase that began with the 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump referring to opponent Hillary Clinton with the words “such a nasty woman” during the third presidential debate. The phrase made worldwide news and became a viral call for many women voters.

Natalie Donovan, a teenage poetry slam artist, created a poem in response entitled “Nasty Woman” that actress Ashley Judd performed at the 2017 Women’s March following Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States.

The phrase influenced media debates, memes, popular culture, art exhibits, and became to be known as a women’s rights rallying cry.

The Women’s March was a worldwide anti-Donald Trump protest on January 21, 2017, women (and men) marched in solidarity to protect legislation and policies regarding human rights and other issues, including women’s rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform, the natural environment, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, freedom of religion, and workers’ rights. The rallies were aimed at Trump, immediately following his inauguration as President of the United States, largely due to his anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-muslim, anti-Mexican comments. It was the largest single-day demonstration in U.S. history.

I didn’t make it down to London for the march, instead, exhausted by a long week of late night working and early morning school runs, I collapsed at the weekend and spent the time playing with my daughter and resting. When the evening came and my daughter was asleep I went online to look at the coverage of the march and I regretted not making the effort to get down to London and show my support. As a single parent it can be hard to find the time or the money to join people on the streets, especially when it involves taking time off work or finding the money to travel down to London. This is the main reason I started my blog, to use it as a platform to highlight all the ways in which people bravely, creatively and powerfully stand up together in order to show their resistance and anger to the inequalities that exist in the world.

So, I went to my computer and started to post videos from the day on my Art of Protest blog and when I had done that I designed a little Nasty Woman logo for my site to show solidarity with all of those who had made it down to London and protested in cities and towns all over the world.

I decided to turn this little logo into a badge, something visible, that people can wear to show that we aren’t done yet, that this fight will go on. In fact, it has only just begun!

If you would like one of my nasty woman badges, they are now available on my Art of Protest shop here:

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