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When I first started freelancing full-time back in 2012, I was filled with an enormous sense of gratitude for every client that came along and had chosen me to be the designer they wanted to work with. Today as I look back at the clients I have worked with in the past few years I am not just full of gratitude, but full of respect and admiration too. They have chosen me, but in my head and my heart I have fully chosen them too.

I am very interested in how our society works, how people live together, work together and treat each other. I believe that a healthy society is a kind and compassionate society, one that values every life fairly and equally, regardless of gender, nationality, skin colour, sexuality, age or wealth. To quote my dad Graham Scambler ‘If simple kindness shouted it’s name loudly enough, it would sound a lot like socialism’, so that’s what I am, a socialist. I am also the black sheep in a family of Sociologists, choosing to go to art school instead of studying Sociology, but I have learnt a lot from both my parents and all three sisters who took this route and their knowledge and views on society and the world we live in heavily influence how I live my life and how I approach my work. As a designer I care deeply about the organisations I work with and will work tirelessly to provide them with a top quality design service that works for them and for the people they provide a service for.

For me, one of the most exciting things to emerge from my freelance career to date is the recognition that I have been privileged enough to work with some fantastic people and organisations doing wonderful things in our communities.

Here is a small selection of the people and organisations I have been working with recently, please read about them, go to their websites, maybe if you are inspired you could even donate some money to help keep these vital organisations thriving through these times of deep and cruel austerity:

Choices Counselling
Choices offer a confidential counselling service in Cambridge and surrounding areas for women and men whose lives are affected by childhood sexual abuse, they also providing training for counsellors. If you are interested, you can donate to the charity via their fundraising page.

SexYouality’s vision is that young lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* (LGBT) people are fully included in society, with equal access to opportunities, living without fear of prejudice, discrimination and harassment. That young lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* people are able to make successful and healthy transitions to adulthood and achieve the best of their hopes and potential.

Youth and Food Futures
The“Food Futures 2.0” project asks young Londoners to express their views on what just and sustainable futures might look like. The methodology is digital film-making, in particular participatory video, which allows groups of young people from diverse backgrounds not just to reflect on issues and express their views, but also to grow more confident as a person and enjoy working in a team.

Stretham Youth Centre
Stretham Youth Centre provides facilities for recreational and other leisure time occupation for the young people aged 7 – 25 in the parish of Stretham, and surrounding villages, with the object of improving the conditions of life of the said young persons. We do this by managing and developing the village youth centre. Activities include drop-ins, sporting activities, holiday programmes, residentials, targeted work and projects. The young people with the support of the youth workers set the programme. Life and social skills are developed through informal education. The club is highly respected in the village.

Cambridge Art Salon
Cambridge Art Salon is an award winning social enterprise that pioneers equal access to art in the community, through platforms, projects and space. Our interdisciplinary studios support artists and makers at not for profit rates, reducing economic inequality by allowing people the chance to rake creative risks, build micro businesses and new creative practices, regardless of how much money they have.

Cambridge University’s Switch Off Week
Hundreds of staff and students pledged their support and saved energy during the University’s second Switch Off Week. Held from 10 – 16 November 2014, the week highlighted the role of the individual in reducing the University’s £16 million energy bill.

Uncertain Journeys
This innovative seminar series examines the policy challenges and possible responses in supporting UASCs (unaccompanied and separated children) seeking asylum. It will also develop new insights into the theorisation of children and migration, and methodological debates around researching the experiences of these young people. It is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and will consist of nine events during the period October 2013-September 2016.

JP Safeguarding
jP Safeguarding, Consultancy & Training offer services that improves the lives of local communities, and enables better places to live, by building resilience, strengthening voices and by empowering the whole community. We do this by delivering training to those who work with the community, using Social mapping as a consultation and information gathering tool and by developing and running youth and community projects.

Poetry Station
In 2009 the English & Media Centre was awarded a small grant from Arts Council of England to create a freely accessible web-based video channel and portal for poetry. The aim was to:

  • exploit the potential of the web to create a rich multi-sensory experience of poetry which includes music, film, and animation, as well as readings by actors and authors.
  • bring together diverse and eclectic poetry worlds – from the unpublished world of slams, live events and song writing, to the published, literary and classic traditions of poetry.
  • appeal to a really wide audience, from committed poetry readers to those who have felt excluded or haven’t thought poetry is for them.

Shackman Ellen
Shackman Ellen is a specialist consultancy providing training and advice to companies, the public sector and not-for-profit organisations. They help businesses and organisations of all kinds improve the way they respond to staff or customer needs in the wake of traumatic events, criminal acts, major incidents and workplace violence.

Thyme for your Health
Thyme for Your Health provides a professional and clinical approach to your health needs, in an holistic and caring manner, combining knowledge of medical conditions, herbal medicine, nutrition and empowering psychological therapies (NLP and Hypnotherapy) to identify the most effective treatment to enable you to achieve your optimal health and emotional wellbeing, and to gain strategies to cope with the stresses and demands of daily life upon your body, emotions and health.

As well as the wonderful clients listed above I have also worked with an increasing number of academics, artists, therapists and publishers. More about these to follow…